Brilliant Cut の製品を購入される際の注意事項です。よくお読みの上ご購入ください。

Note: It is described in English after the Japanese explanation

★Brilliant cut は現在 原型師5caratの都合によりドイツを拠点に活動中です。商品の発送等はドイツから日本への航空便による発送となりますので発送から到着まで10日程度を要しますのでご了承ください。






★ウレタンキャストは落としたり、ぶつけたりすると欠けることがあります。時間とともに少しずつ黄変する性質があります。 強烈な光や熱に長時間さらされますと、急激に変色する場合があります。 特に直射日光はにはお気を付けください。

ヘッドメイクについて…ボークスのアクリル塗料(ドール用)にて筆書きしてます。そのうえで UVカットの艶消しコートを施し、唇にはクリヤーでグロス処理をしております。



#This is a notice when purchasing Brilliant Cut products. Please read carefully and purchase.

★ Because of small scale production at the individual level, defoaming machines and the like are not large-scaled things, they are not as big doll manufacturers and figure makers as quality. Bubbles etc. are not completely removed, too. Of course, we have removed bubbles and scratches on noticeable parts (such as the head surface), but please note that it is difficult to eliminate all bubbles such as places that are not visible in the production system at the moment.

For the parting line, it is impossible to completely eliminate it, although it is made inconspicuous by surface polishing at the time of assembly to some extent.

If you are concerned about the above points you will be able to see the real thing at the event etc. Please do not hesitate to feel free to come to BrilliantCut’s booth. I will explain all the good and bad places, so please consent after purchasing as you can see.

★ Specifications and shapes are subject to change without notice.

★ Material: urethane cast is used. (RC Bergue ‘s  Bergue Fresh and Doll Fresh).

★ Urethane cast may be dropped or chipped if you hit it. It gets yellowed little by little with time. If it is exposed to intense light or heat for a long time, it may discolor rapidly. Especially direct sunlight, please be careful.

★ About Head Make … I’m writing with Brushes acrylic paint (for doll). Besides, I applied a UV-cut matte coat, and I treat gloss on the lips with clear color.

★ For the painting of doll body , I also use acrylic paint with air brush. Besides, I applied a UV-cut matte coat, and I treat gloss on the nails with clear color. 

★ Please understand that the color of the skin of the doll body may look slightly different from the actual product color due to shooting situation and monitor.



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