Note: It is described in English after the Japanese explanation

はじめまして、Brilliant Cut 原型師 5CARAT(ファイブカラット)です。



すいすい作れる技量があるわけではないですが、しつこく、ひたすらしぶとく工夫を重ねて活動していきますので たまに覗きにきていただけると嬉しいです。月1~2回更新中です。




2015年 ドールアート展 2015 in うつくしま 参加
(第7回全国創作人形コンクール 福島テレビ賞受賞)

2017年 仕事の関係でドイツに移住、現在ドイツで製作活動中


#Introduction of Brilliant Cut

Nice to meet you,  I am sculptor of  Brilliant Cut, 5 CARAT (Five carat).
I am making the original figures and dolls.

I’ve been making figures all the time, but recently I started also making ball jointed dolls.

I am selling my figures and dolls on e-bay and yahoo-auction.

It is under trial and error whether I can make original figure / doll as hand craft made by individuals.

Character design, sculpting, painting and selling the work is done by oneself.
Brilliant cut is a handmade tiny and nice studio!!

The development situation of trial and error will be released on this blog. Mail order , information of auctions and support etc will also correspond from this blog.

I will be persistent, I will continue to work diligently to work diligently and I am glad if you will come to see it once in a while. It is being updated one to two times a month.

Activity history of Brilliant cut

I made original figures from 2003

I have been participating in model events such as Wonder Festival in Japan since 2003.

Production of commercial prototype etc. was also started from 2006 in Japan.

Doll Art Exhibition 2015 in Japan.
(Received the 7th Nationwide Creation Doll Competition Fukushima Television Award)

 I  have moved to Germany in 2017 and have been creating the work in Germany since 2017.


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